We Find Goods in Taiwan

When sourcing products and suppliers from Taiwan, you’ll be facing language barriers, cultural differences and all the usual challenges of a buyer-seller relationship.

We will be your super agent and get the things done!

Our Services

What can we do:

Sourcing Product in Taiwan

We help find the right supplier and negotiate the best price for you.

Product Inspection & Quality Control

We help with basic inspection and provide measurement reports. We also have professional Supplier Quality Engineers for precise quality control.

Sample collection & Test reports

We can collect multiple samples and send them to you in one package. We also help source and contact the organizations that provide verification, testing and certification services.

Supplier chain management & product development

We have professional supply chain managers, product managers, and engineers. We can communicate with engineers and sales of suppliers on behalf of you.

Software Product Management & Development

Except for physical products, we also have experts who specialize in software development. We guarantee a competitive price with superior coding quality for any IT solutions.

Customized service

Any cusomized service are negotiable. We have resources, and will do our best to make it happen.

Very responsive, answers in short time and pays attentions to your requirements. We will definitely use this service again in the future.
Great work and fast. Looking forward to work other projects in the future.
Very fast and responsive in communication. The company research proved to be more challenging than expected, but wefindgoods undertook a big revision effort and scanned a large pool of relevant companies.

Why Us

We will help you resolve the following issues:

  • No Language barrier anymore.
  • Find the right suppliers.
  • Negotiate the best price for you.
  • Help with any technical issues or professional problems.


Completed Projects
Satisfied Clients

Service Price & Plan

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Supplier Contact
15 USD/product (Base Rate)
  • 2-3 supplier contacts and product information
Complete Sourcing
75 USD/product (Base Rate)
  • 2-3 supplier contacts and product information
  • negotiation with the supplier
  • complete quotation
  • Sample collection and shipping
Exclusive Service
  • 2-3 supplier contacts and product information
  • negociation with the supplier
  • complete quotation
  • Sample collection and shipping
  • Product inspection
  • Third-party testing, verification organizations.
  • Onsite services
  • Others

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